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Hello my name is Jacquie Reilley

I am a Certified Independent Dementia Care Trainer and Consultant with PAC, Positive Approach to Care, Created by Teepa Snow


 I have worked for many years with a home care agency, specializing in dementia care.  This training program is so valuable that I decided to start a consulting business to reach as many people as I can with our Positive Approach to Care.  Let's work together through awareness, skills and empathy to better support those living with dementia. 





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Wow, Jacquie your assessment was more than I ever received from Mayo or the neurologist, and they spent a lot more time with her than you did.  That's not mentioning neither EVER offered any signifiant care suggestions.  


It will take me a while to digest all of it and the Teepasnow site.  I appreciate your taking your time to come and spend with us!


Jacquie worked with my mother Phyllis throughout the progression of Alzheimer's.  She brought knowledge and skills for our family with each progression.  She was very dedicated to us all. 


Having Jacquie work with us to better understand my father in law's dementia and changing behaviors has given us the ability to exhale! 

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